Our Habits Create Our Destiny

We are what we repeatedly do.

About six weeks ago, one of my longtime yoga buddies started having migraine headaches. She's been to doctors, had cat scans, taken prescription pain medication and had acupuncture treatments. 

She's been miserable but made it to yoga every Sunday. Today, I asked how she was doing and she replied,

"Great! My migraine headaches are gone!"

What happened? Well it turns out, that she tipped her head down and curled her shoulders forward whenever she typed on the computer or texted on her cellphone. In fact, her chin was tipped so low, it almost touched her chest. Her daughter made the observation and asked if she always typed and texted this way and my friend answered, "Yes."

Her daughter snapped a picture and sent it to the doctor who said, "Yes, holding her head in this awkward position for long periods of time could be causing her migraine headaches." A week later, after buying a new desk and chair, her headaches are gone. 

Which brings me to this quote-

We Are what we repeatedly do

My friends' story demonstrates the power of unintentional or unconscious habits. Thanks to her daughters' compassionate observation, my friend changed for the better. 

Her story prompts the questions, 

"What am I repeatedly doing that I should stop doing?"


"What could I repeatedly do that would make my life better?"

This TedTalk challenges us to try a new habit-just for 30 days