Have You Cleaned Your Dryer Vent this Year or Ever?

lint packed dryer vent

Why clean your dryer vent?


In 2010 an estimated 16,800 reported home structure fires involving clothes dryers or washing machines killed 51 people and caused $236 million dollars in property damage.


92% of the fires were caused by clothes dryers


Failure to clean, according to the National Association of Fire Protection is the leading cause of dryers catching fire. 

If you need a reminder, consider cleaning your dryer vent the weekend you change the batteries in your smoke detectors.  You can also use any other yearly event to remind you to do the job. Believe me I know, it's one of those out of sight out of mind kind of home chores. But we cannot afford to forget this simple task. 

I'll be honest, until I saw Marshall heaving the machine around so I could see the back, I hadn't considered cleaning my dryer vent. I knew it was there but didn't think there would be too much lint to collect. I thought we cleaned it a few months ago. But I was very wrong! The metal flex tube connecting the dryer to the outside vent was packed with lint. Marshall used a shop vac and broom to clear the vent and clean out behind the washer and dryer. Good Times! I helped by grabbing my camera and taking a picture. I know, it was the least I could do.

If you cannot remember the last time you cleaned out your dryer vent, do it today!

As Exclusive Buyer Agents, we make sure our clients know the basics of home maintenance. In fact, cleaning out the dryer vent is on our home buying check list. I guess I will be keeping one of our check lists for myself!