Maryland Ranks in Top of Best States to Live in Nation

According to U.S. News & World Report

Maryland is ranked 8th best state to live in the Nation





The "Best State" ranking looks at major elements like the economy, healthcare, education, crime and government. Maryland State Governor, Larry Hogan, is a former real estate agent. He looked happy and proud when he told a crowd,

"This should be good for Maryland real estate."

Here's a video of Governor Larry Hogan making the announcement at a meeting with commercial real estate women. This is shared from his FaceBook page.

Governor Larry Hogan's Facebook Page

Maryland is #5 in U.S. News rankings for education and opportunity. 45% of Marylanders are college educated. 

Maryland is home to the Chesapeake Bay & the Baltimore Orioles.  

Francis Scott Key wrote 'The Star Spangled Banner" in Baltimore's Inner Harbor during the War of 1812. 

Maryland is one of the original 13 colonies, named a state back in 1788.  If you have the chance to visit downtown Annapolis, Maryland's capital, you'll see Colonial-era architecture. St. John's College, founded in 1696, is the oldest college in Annapolis. It's next door to the Naval Academyfounded October 1845.  

Marylanders have a unique state flag! Founded as an English colony in 1634, the black and gold represent the Calvert family. The red and white design is associated with the Crossland family.  

Marylanders love to wear the state flag! You can buy Maryland flag pants, shirts, scarves, gloves even underwear! 

Of course, we have to give a shout out to our neighbors to the north. They did, after all, rank a little higher on the U.S. News & World Report "Best States" rankings. 


Congratulations to our New England neighbors.

 New Hampshire came in second place and Massachusetts #1 in overall rankings. 


Visiting Maryland


U.S. Naval Academy

Historic Annapolis

Baltimore's Inner Harbor

National Aquarium in Baltimore


Baltimore Ravens

Maryland Outdoors